Project IQ

Reducing financial risk through
better-informed decisions

Project IQ stands for “Project Investment Quality.” Simply put, we provide investors and tenants with meaningful intelligence to make better, more informed decisions when buying or renovating. It is a multi-pronged approach focused on documenting the content, quality, and potential of a given project. From uncovering existing conditions and restrictions to discovering hidden value, Project IQ is designed for those who want more certainty, less risk and greater reward from their projects.
                             WHAT IS YOUR
                            PROJECT IQ?


Why Reigle & Associates?

As a leading Architecture and Planning firm in greater Phoenix, we are technically savvy and ideally suited to create value and give insight to developers and investors alike. For nearly 20 years, Reigle & Associates has worked with Owners, Developers and Tenants on all phases of the design and construction of various commercial projects. Our involvement from the initial planning stages of a project through the construction and occupancy has given an in-depth understanding of the elements and process necessary for a successful project. During this period, we have forged solid relationships with the best, most dependable, professional consultants in the valley.  Those collaborations have allowed Reigle & Associates to assemble a uniquely qualified team to deliver Project IQ.

Benefits of a Project IQ report:

  • Targeted Customization: Our services are customized to fit individual investor and developer needs. We provide due-diligence reporting to confirm that a site meets all the necessary standards and is suitable for proposed purposes.
  • Opportunities for Improving ROI: We identify opportunities for future expansion, modernizations or upgrades that could greatly improve properties market value, desirability or utility.
  • Leverage for Negotiating: Because we dig deeper, we can uncover weak spots that allow real estate agents to negotiate more favorable terms for their clients.
  • Longevity Analysis: Key components are rated by lifecycles and how long they have left before being replaced or refurbished. This gives investors the true and total cost of ownership of a given property.
  • Peace of Mind: In recent years, stories of incompetence and fraudulent building practices have come to light throughout the Valley. To protect your investment and your reputation, having a detailed Project IQ report makes sense.

Project IQ helps clients avoid these costly mistakes:

Project IQ is grounded in an experienced architectural firm. Pitfalls like these can be a significant loss of profit when not identified early. Here are a few real scenarios:

  • Sewer: A tenant leases a space “as is” but the underground sewer has corrosion and requires excavation and replacement, shutting down the business for weeks.
  • Electrical: Outdated electrical service entrance section does not allow modification or the capacity is limited by number or size of the primary conduit, greatly hampering new uses.

  • Water: Inadequate water supply requires a fire sprinkler supply storage tank and booster pump, creating delay and additional expense.
  • Zoning: Zoning stipulations or CCRs restricts hours of operation or allowable uses, making the site unsuitable or less desirable.

The Old Industry Standard

Was Due Diligence...

Traditional building appraisals and inspections provide:

  • Quick, preliminary observations.
  • General, one-size-fits-all inspections.
  • Minimal information on the true condition of existing improvements and history.
  • Focus on current conditions without consideration for future potential.

The New Standard

Is Investment-Quality Intelligence...

Project IQ goes further by providing:

  • Informed decisions based on detailed understanding of a project’s true potential.
  • Customized analysis relevant to a project’s needs and suitability for a specific use.
  • Experience for identifying hidden defects and construction code violations.
  • Analyzing potential increase of intensity.
  • History of building, zoning restrictions, allowable use change and conditions of service.
  • Detailed documentation to help secure funding and communicate value to investors and banks.

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